MILWAUKEE 48223982 Mil Bold Line Chalk Reel w Blue Chalk


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Most professionals will be using a chalk line or marker on the jobsite. Whether you’re working on a residential or industrial job site, if you need a non-permanent straight line, chalk is the way to go. Milwaukee’s bold 100-Foot line and reel will keep your edges straight and clean for tiling, construction, and more. The reel comes equipped with an anti-strip clutch, so if your line gets snagged on anything while you’re reeling it in, you won’t break the gears. Likewise, the gears are designed in a planetary system, which reduces the stress on individual pieces and requires less torque from you to pull the line in. The line itself is braided, so it can stand up to a variety of materials and forces without snapping. It will produce a bold line with minimal chalk spillage onto the ground or your hands, so cleanup will be kept to a minimum. The Inkzall will cover the materials that require a beefier line that you can see while making cuts. This is ideal for wood, plastic, metal, and other, smaller surfaces that you plan on sawing through. This will make a mark if they’re wet or coated in dust and oil. With their rugged design philosophy, you can trust that Milwaukee will allow you to get your work done right.



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