Milwaukee 18V Cable Stripper Skin M18BCS-0C


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The M18™ Cable Stripper vastly improves the cable stripping experience. With no exposed blades, the cordless cable stripper provides safer stripping than with a knife. The cable stripper’s compact, right-angle design allows the user to maneuver it more easily in tight spaces with less strain on the wrist. The bushing design and adjustable depth gauge deliver cleaner, more accurate and consistent strips across all sizes.

With the introduction of the M18™ Cable Stripper, Milwaukee now has a dedicated solution for stripping the most common cable sizes on the job site.

  • Protects against knife injuries on the job
  • Compact head and internal depth gauge for easy access
  • Variable Speed Trigger for controlled strips
  • Depth Gauge Adjustment up to 76 mm (3″) for accurate, consistent strips
  • Optimised bushing design prevents nicks
  • Ability to strip in crowded panels and switch boxes
  • Compatible with all M18™ batteries

Quick-change Bushing Design

  • For fast stripping across multiple cables
  • Application specific bushings provide clean strips

Adjustable Depth Gauge

  • Delivers accurate, consistent strips
  • Multiple depth settings easily adjustable via depth gauge lock

Compact Tool Layout

  • Easy operation in tight spaces
  • Variable Speed Trigger for controlled strips
  • No exposed blades protect against injuries on the job


  • Strip Depth: 76 mm (3”)
  • Reverse: Yes
  • LED Light: Yes