Milwaukee SDS MAX 4 CUT 28 x 670mm – 4932352780

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MILWAUKEE® 4-Cutter SDS-Max bits are an industrial quality hammer drilling solution for users wanting precision & high speed during masonry drilling processes. With their 4-Cutter design, they are perfectly suited to drilling applications where rebar strike is likely.


  • 4-Cutter Symentrical Geometry, 4 x 90° – Perfect cylindrical holes for optimal anchor fastening
  • Centring Point with 130° angle – For easy spot drilling with pinpoint accuracy. Prevents skidding on smooth surfaces
  • Robust Secondary Cutter with Dynamic Curved Cutting Edge – Supports the primary cutter for faster drilling speeds
  • Shorter Spiral Windings – This allows for faster transport of drilling dust from the head to the flute = Less wear and heat build-up at the tip
  • Unique Carbide Tip – With more carbide on all diameters and extra carbide on diameters >32mm
  • Wear Mark on both sides of Primary Cutters – Guarantees diameter accuracy (i.e. for anchor fittings) and acts as a lifetime indicator in warranty cases
  • Deep Flute Shoulders – High volume dust removal for optimum drilling speed, less wear and heat build-up
  • Low Vibration Drilling Performance – Comfortable drilling ensures less stress for man and machine
  • Special Surface Treatment – Shot blasting provides a smooth surface and densifies the surface structure and makes the bit more wear-resistant
  • SDS-Max Shank – For quick and easy bit changes
  • PGM Certification – Certifies these drill bits drill at the dimension stated on the bit (when new).
  • Made in Germany


  • Diameter: 28 mm
  • Overall Length: 670 mm
  • Working Length: 550 mm
  • Shank: SDS-Max
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