Milwaukee Universal Surface Grinding Dust Shroud 4-5″ – 49406100

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The 4 to 5-Inch Milwaukee® Universal Grinding Dust Shroud fits on most grinder brands to help with dust reduction on the job. It uses a precise design that maximizes visibility without sacrificing a strong structural design. This Milwaukee dust shroud helps to protect the user from airborne debris, specifically from the dust particles created when grinding dangerous materials. It attaches to dust grinders with collar sizes ranging from 1-1/2 inches to 2-3/16 inches and functions with most popular brands. With a dense brush design, this grinder dust shroud handles professional jobs. We recommend this shroud design specifically for its universal fit and its clear design. Those working with more than one grinder brand may attach and reuse the shroud as needed between tasks. Just install the shroud, complete the job, and store it for the next user. As with all Milwaukee products, this attachment offers a durable design that works in practically every environment.



  • Milwaukee universal grinder dust shroud fits most grinder brands and helps to reduce the appearance of airborne dust particles
  • Clear design allows for increased visibility even in debris-rich environments
  • Fits collar sizes ranging from 1-1/2 inches to 2-3/16 inches
  • Dense brush design ensures performance on heavy duty jobs
  • Milwaukee dust shroud comes with limited warranty
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Universal Surface Grinding Dust Shroud 4-5″

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