Klingspor Grinding Disc Medium 100mm x 6 x 16mm Bore 6578

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The Kronenflex grinding disc A 24 R Supra is characterised by aggressive abrasive performance, a long service life and appropriate hardness. When paired with handheld grinders such as high-speed angle grinders, grinding discs must, first and foremost, offer the necessary stability. The surface grit of the A 24 R Supra is made up of an optimised blend of materials that is best suited for processing steel.


  • With optimised recipe for use on steel
  • Also suitable for use on stainless steel
  • Large product range


  • Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Klingspor
  • Model Number: 6578
  • Barcode Number: 4014855010462
  • Diameter x Bore x Thickness (mm): 100 x 16 x 6
  • Grit Grade: Medium
  • Form: Raised Hub
  • Vmax (m/s Max.): 80
  • RPM: 15300
  • Group Code: A 24 R Supra
  • Type: Grinding Disc
  • Application: Stainless Steel
  • Application: Steel
  • Application: Castings
  • Performance Class: Supra
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