Olympic Alumig 250 double Pulse Synergic Inverter Mig Welder

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ALUMIG-250P is a synergic, pulsed and double-pulsed MIG /MAG welding machine, suitable for a variety of materials including Fe, FeMc, FeFc, St/St, Al, CuSi3, CuAl8 fillers wires. ALUMIG-250P is specially designed for aluminum welding jobs with thickness from 1.5mm to 5mm. Simply select the filler wire type and size, then go welding. For those regular welding jobs there’s even a 10-channel memory function.

• Multi-Process capable – Welds MIG, flux-cored, stick, pulsed MIG, and advanced process of Pulse-On-Pulse. Synergic control – Set weld procedures with one control, simple and easy to operate.


• Synergic MIG provides communication between power source, feeder and gun. As wire speed increases or decreases, the arc voltage also increases or decreases to maintain a constant welding arc.


•Special Trigger Hold (S4T) allows to hold the pre-set Initial Current by user until you get a successful Arc Start on Aluminum plate.


• Aluminum Pulse Process – Welds 4XXX (AlSi wires) and 5XXX (AlMg wires) series aluminum for superior quality welding.


• Pulse-on-Pulse – Delivers a stacked dime appearance when welding aluminum.


• Featured Wave-form control system: Maintains a stable, smooth arc for short arc welding on steel. Improved penetration on thicker aluminum sections.


•Fast, precise, clean arc ignition and arc ending.


• 10 channels memory capacity.

Synergic control:


Synergic MIG Synergic pulsed welding mode offers the simplicity of single-knob control. The machine will select the correct pulse power based on the wire feed speed (WFS) set by the operator.

S4T Mode.


Begin and end welds with ease and confidence. Hot start eliminates incomplete fusion at the beginning of a weld, a common issue with aluminum welding. Crater gradually decreases weld current at the end of a weld to eliminate crater defects. Adjustable pre- and post-flow rates ensure that the puddle always has adequate gas coverage.

Pulse MIG:


Pulsed MIG varies weld current between peak (high heat) and background (low heat) current to provide better control of heat input, which minimizes warping and burn through on thin materials. Pulsed MIG also enables flat, horizontal, vertical up, or overhead welding without a slag system. Optimized GMAW-P waveforms are readily available to use on aluminum, carbon steel, high strength low alloy steel, stainless steel, and nickel alloys.



Pulse MIG precisely controls heat input through the 1-drop-per-pulsetransfer and offers a stable arc in the wide transfer area between short and spray arc. Spray arc transfer “sprays” a stream of tiny molten droplets across the arc, from the electrode wire to the base metal. It produces a characteristic humming or buzzing sound. Advantages of pulse mig:


•High deposition


• Good fusion and penetration


• Good bead appearance


• Capability of using larger diameter wires


• Presence of very little spatter

DIMENSIONS: 77 x 25 x 65


Weight: 30kg


Duty Cycle: 60% at 250Amps (40c)

Duty Cycle: 100% at 200Amps (40c)