Arbortech MIN.FG.510 – M5 Version Mini Turbo Kit

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Arbortech MIN.FG.510 – M5 Mini Turbo Kit


  • Deep internal profiles.
  • Precision machining.
  • Leaves a smooth finish which requires minimal sanding.
  • Limited side exposure improves safety.
  • Outstanding for free-formed convex and concave shapes.

Changes to from MIN.FG.500 to MIN.FG.510

  • The thread in the extension shaft has been changed from M4 to M5 size. The button head screw & washer used to mount the Mini Turbo blade to the extension shaft has changed from a M4 to a M5 screw accordingly. This improves and facilitates themounting of the blade.
  • The Mini Turbo Kit  now includes a new sanding system consisting of a soft backed rubber pad and several heavy dutysanding disks that can be mounted onto the rubber pad using a plastic clamping bush and a countersunk screw. This beeter mould to the timber, longer life and poser and cost for replyment sanding disces.
  • No charges have been made to the Mini Turbo Blade itself.
  • The old style sanding accessories (MIN.FG.006 – MIN.FG.011) will not fit onto the new M5 Mini Turbo
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