Holemaker Silver Series Annular Cutter Set – Asset-z

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Holemaker ASSET-Z 3pce HSS Magnetic Drill Annular Cutter Set with 25mm Cutting Depth

The Holemaker ASSET-Z HSS Broach Cutter Set can cut up to a depth of 25mm in a variety of different materials. High Speed Steel (HSS) allows these cutters to run at faster speeds and stay sharp far longer with an extended lifespan. With a universal shank that features 2 flat sections to suit most magnetic base drilling machines, this set is a must have for all cutting jobs.


  • 3 x HSS Broach Cutters:
  • 14mm, 18mm & 22mm
  • 1x Short Pilot Pin


  • 19.05mm (3/4″”) universal shank features 2 flat sections to suit most magnetic base drilling machines
  • M2AL High Speed Steel is a high alloy material with a hardness of up to 67.5 HRC, designed for increased endurance of the cutting edge and tool life
  • Step hardened process – This state of the art manufacturing process produces cutters with extremely hard tooth tips for increased cutter performance, while maintaining a softer body which is less susceptible to breakage than standard high speed steel cutters.
  • Multi-Cut Geometry provides smooth and fast cutting, with decreased chatter. This also increases the cutters ability to remove swarf away from the cut, and helps to enhance centering
  • Fully Ground with Internal Relief allows Holemaker cutters to produce reamed quality, burr-free holes, and also helps to reduce torque and horsepower requirements


  • Cutting Depth: 25mm
  • Shank: 3/4″