Beginner Metal Detector with Auto Tune – QP2302

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A great beginner’s metal detector! It is very simple and easy to use, it has an auto tune feature with a meter indication to show metal types detected. It is very reliable with its micro-processor control and digital signal processing. The detector has an adjustable length boom and a waterproof search coil making it suitable for use in a variety of landscapes. It is capable of detecting a coin at 100mm deep and responding to all types of metals. It

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Volume and sensitivity adjustment knobs
Audible alert speaker
Headphone socket
Overall length: 780mm
Search Coil Dimensions: 165(Dia) x 17 (H)mm
Requires 6 x AA Batteries (SB2424, SB2425, SB2900, SB2902)


Product Dimensions
Length : 780mm
Diameter : 165mm
Product Availability : Stocked item