Bosch 500W Electric Corded NanoBlade Saw Vibration Free Cuts Bevel Cuts + Case 06033C8140

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The versatile AdvancedCut 50 NanoBlade saw is ideal for straight groove cuts, bevel cuts, and plunge cuts in wood and in plastics up to 50 mm. Designed for use with maintenance-free NanoBlades, it provides vibration-free sawing and exact 90° cuts. With the need for pre-drilling eliminated, plunge cutting becomes simple. Bevel cuts up to 45° are quickly set and the 21 mm and 35 mm adapters make groove cutting easy. A speed pre-selection allows for material-specific adaptations while a splinter guard supports clean cuts. Vacuum cleaners can be attached to keep the workspace neat.

What’s in the box:

  • 1x Bosch AdvancedCut 50
  • 1x NanoBlade 50mm
  • Anti-Splinter Guard, Depth stop 21mm & 35mm
  • 1x Transparent Saw Blade Protective Cover
  • 1x Case
  • 1x Hood for Dust Extraction


  • The NanoBlade Saw Blade – The world first Bosch NanoBlade boasts low-vibration operation with the durability of the actual saw blade. The NanoBlade is able to trim 100 m of laminate flooring or saw 100 m of softwood. Maintenance free design– no clamping, no oiling, no sharpening. Changing the blade is a breeze– just open the end cap, replace the NanoBlade, then close the end cap again.
  • Performing plunge cuts without pre-drilling – Get started right away. Simply plunge the NanoBlade into the centre of the workpiece without the need for pre-drilling. Thanks to an evenly concentric chain, you can effortlessly saw precise recesses for cable ducts, power sockets or the kitchen sink – all without the need for any additional tools.
  • Mitre cuts – Precise mitre cuts up to 45° can be produced using the AdvancedCut 50. Simply use the quick-release clamping screw to set the exact tilt angle for the mitre cut.
  • Grooving – With the two grooving adapters supplied, you can cut grooves both effortlessly and precisely. You can also select between two cutting depths: 21 mm and 35 mm.
  • Right-angled cuts – You can use the guide rail adapter to fit the AdvancedCut 50 onto a guide rail. Straight cuts along the required cutting line, no longer present a problem. Thanks to the NanoBlade saw blade, the cuts are also at perfect right angles. A splinter guard protects the surface of the material from damage.


  • Power input: 500 Watt
  • Revolution rate at no load: 0 – 7,800 rpm
  • Sole plate: Steel
  • Cutting depth in wood: 50 mm
  • Cutting depth in plastic: 30 mm
  • Machine weight: 1.7 kg
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