Bosch 12V Starter Kit 12V 20Ah Li-ion Battery and Charger 0615990GA6

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  • Lightweight: for even more comfortable work, especially in overhead applications
  • High performance: Bosch batteries with lithium-ion technology delivers stronger performance and lasting reliability
  • Compatible: all batteries can be used for both new and existing tools in the same voltage class – thanks to the flexible power system

This Bosch Blue Kit includes:

1 X 12V AL1130CV Charger
1 X 12V GBA 2.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery

12V AL1130CV Charger – This fast charger fully charges a 1.5Ah Battery in 33 minutes and is compatible with all Bosch 12V Batteries.

GBA 2.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery – This lightweight battery is compatible with both 10.8V and 12V Bosch Blue tools.