Channellock 424- Tongue & Groove Plier 111mm Straight Jaw

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  • Undercut tongue and groove
  • Prevents slip regardless of pressure applied
  • Undercut is machined, not forged
  • Reinforcing flange
  • Reduces stress breakage and coupled with the excellent heat treatment, negates stress riser problems
  • Permalock® fastener
  • Strength of the tool has been tested to a tensile force of 3000 lbs
  • ‘Permalock®’ is a unique fixing device, that assures optional ease of jaw adjustment and eliminates the possibility of side-to-side jaw wobble
  • Teeth construction
  • Teeth at the bottom are rounded
  • Sharp corners cause stress risers
  • Teeth are induction hardened (to high 50’s on the Rockwell ‘C’ scale)
  • Handles
  • Special heat treatment gives a special spring that is necessary for longer life under stressful conditions
  • Blue plasticised handle is for comfort and does not provide dielectric properties
  • PVC grip handle
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