Dreame H12 S Hard Floor Cleaner HHR14B

$639.00 inc. GST

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An intelligent hard floor cleaner that functions as both a vacuum and mop, the Dreame H12 S Hard Floor Cleaner is sure to save you time and effort. Not only will it vacuum and mop simultaneously, but features such as Smart Mess Detection, an edge-cleaning brush roller, and dual tank design ensure you get an optimised, superior clean.


  • Keep your hands clean and let the Dreame H12 S clean itself! Simply place it on the charging dock and push the self-clean button
  • Smart Mass Detection identifies messes and adjusts suction levels accordingly, ensuring that every area is cleaned thoroughly
  • Dual water tanks prevent dirty water from being applied to your floors, offering a more hygienic finish
  • Edge-cleaning brush roller design, the open-faced end allows you to clean right to the edge, in corners and even in hard-to-reach areas
  • Simultaneously vacuums and washes with powerful suction to clean up all sorts of debris and messes, making cleaning more efficient and convenient for you
  • Clean smarter with Smart Mass Detection identifying the messes and responding accordingly by adjusting the suction level ensuring that every area is cleaned thoroughly.
  • Clean for longer without any interruptions thanks to the large 900ml clean water tank and 500ml dirty water tank
  • Keep the H12 S and all the accessories organised and secure thanks to the docking station
  • At a touch of a button, the H12 S will selfclean. Simply place it on the charging dock and push the self-clean button. After the selfclean has finished, it will automatically charge the battery, ensuring it’s ready-to-go for the next clean


  • Model: HHR14B
  • Capacity (l): 0.9
  • Wattage (W): 200
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Runtime Upto (mins): 35
  • Cordless: Yes
  • HEPA Filter: No
  • Lightweight: Yes
  • Surface: Hard Floors, Tiles

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