ECOFLOW WAVE 2 Portable Air Conditioner EFWAVE2

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Powerful Cooling & Heating. With EcoFlow’s tailor-made compressor, Wave 2 can drop the temperature by 18℉ (10℃) in 5 mins in cooling mode (5100BTU) and raise the temperature by 18℉ (10℃) in 5 mins in heating mode (6100BTU).

Four Ways to Charge. Charge EcoFlow Wave2, the ultimate air cooler and heater, quickly with AC, solar, car, and power stations. Its swappable battery allows for cool or warm air anytime, anywhere, with the flexibility of multiple charging options, making it the perfect tent, RV or camping air conditioner.

Peaceful and Long-lasting Comfort. Enjoy a peaceful snooze with Wave 2’s quiet operation (44 dB) in Sleep Mode, and up to 8 hours of use in Eco Mode. With multiple modes and app control, it offers longer-lasting comfort in your tent, RV, or home. Its powerful and portable design ensures you can take it anywhere you need it.
No Water Left Behind. Enjoy the convenience of cooling and heating right out of the box! EcoFlow Wave2 is the perfect air conditioner for any compact space. It’s extremely simple to use, requiring no installation or drainage*.

*No drainage is needed in cooling mode when humidity is below 70%, but it is still needed in heating mode.

Extended Run Time. With a 1159Wh add-on battery, EcoFlow AC unit is truly portable. Add on a DELTA 2/DELTA Max and extend run times to a record-breaking 7-14hrs – that’s 28% more efficient than other power stations. And of course, you can top up at home via a wall outlet too.

  • Powerful Cooling & Heating
  • Charge in 4 ways with swappable battery. AC, car charger or power station
  • Pair up with DELTA Max can get up to 14hr run time and 7hr with DELTA 2 in eco mode
  • Mutiple modes and app control. It runs quiety (44 dB) in Sleep Mode and up to 8 hours in Eco Mode.


  • Net Weight 14.5 kg
  • LCD Screen
  • Solar Charging Input: 11-60V, 3A, 400W Max
  • Wi-Fi Connection
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