Fly Wasp Trap XL Jumbo EnviroSafe® Ultimate with Bait Blow Horse House Catcher

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eGenuine Envirosafe® Ultimate X-Large Jumbo Fly Trapnvi

  • Ultimate Envirosafe® fly catcher baits are specially formulated attractants that are irresistible to flies.
  • Attracted flies look for the source of the smell and find their way into the trap via the small entry holes at the top.
  • Super economical, very low cost for the replacement attractant baits and the trap is designed to last for years.
  • Safe with pets, non-toxic pesticide free baits are made from good grade ingredients.
  • Australian made, Australian engineered specifically for Australian Flies
  • Easy to use, simply add water to the attractant inside the trap, comes with a hanging hook, or simply place somewhere.
  • Comes with bonus fly attractant, so the trap is ready to go just add warm water and in no time you will be catching flies.

Item Specifications:

  • Brand: Envirosafe®
  • Manufactured: Australia
  • Control Type: Trap