Genesys Piston Air Compressor- Diesel 4HP 16 CFM 70L 145 PSI

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Genesys Piston Air Compressors are unbeatable value and backed by a 24 month warranty. Piston Air Compressor or Reciprocating air compressors are ideally suited to variable air demand in low to medium volumes. They are robust and functional and have low maintenance costs.

Backed by a generous 2 year – 500 hour warranty for your piece of mind

Features and Specifications:

  • Deep finned cast iron cylinders, cooler tubes ensuring superior heat dissipation for higher operating efficiency
  • Air receiver to Australian standards – AS1210
  • Displacement: 16 CFM / 452 L/Min
  • FAD (Free Air Delivery): 11.5 CFM / 325L/Min
  • Compressor drive: SINGLE B V-BELT
  • Large canister intake filters with replaceable filter elements
  • Rpm: 802
  • Engine: 4HP Diesel Engine
  • Pressure: 145 PSI
  • Tank size (L): 70
  • Forged steel crankshaft supported at both ends for higher dynamic stiffness and less vibrations
  • Efficient air filters to ensure clean intake air for long service life.
  • Recommended oil; 15W40


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