Gladiator Cargo Net MGN-300 2460mm x 2050mm Dual Cab Ute Tray-Backs & Trailers

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  • The Best Cargo Net on the Planet
  • Preferred by top fleets for being heavy duty, versatile and easy to use
  • All our nets come with minimum four attachment straps and a storage bag


  • Eliminate the risk of a hefty fine and reduce your chances of losing cargo by keeping your loads covered and secured with the Gladiator Cargo Net. Uséd by large and small fleets all across the country it is the highest rated cargo net on the market. It has earned this by being easy to use, incredibly strong and durable
  • What sets this cargo net apart from others is the integrated use of rip-stop mesh. The meshing makes the net smooth on one side preventing snags when securing your cargo as well as containing smaller items. It is made of industrial strength rip-stop mesh that means even if a puncture is made into the material it will NOT continue to tear. Each mesh thread is comprised of thousands of smaller threads and then coated giving it incredibly strong rip-stop properties
  • The Gladiator Cargo Net is built from weatherproofed, heavy-duty 1.5″ webbing rated at 1,200 lbs. per inch with triple-layered reinforced edges. This is what gives the net its ability to safely secure large cargo loads and take the abuse of commercial use
  • Metabo S-automatic mechanical safety clutch: minimises kick-back to the lowest level when the disc jams unexpectedly – for maximum user safety and swift progress
  • Electronic soft start and restart protection
  • Gear housing can be unscrewed, rotated in 90° steps and remounted for left-handed operation or cutting
  • Auto-stop carbon brushes to protect the motor

Technical Data:

  • Designed for dual cab ute tray-backs and trailers
  • Eliminate the risk of hefty fines
  • Reduce your chances of losing cargo
  • The highest rated cargo net on the market
  • Easy to use, incredibly strong and durable
  • Patented design NO. 8292559
  • AS/NZS 4380