Gondola Shelving

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Gondola shelving is widely used in a number of retail businesses such as grocery stores, supermarkets, chemists, hardware stores, discount stores, and convenience stores etc.

First Bay or Add-on Bay

  • First bay is a freestanding unit consisting of 2 upright posts.
  • Add-on bays are designed to join onto the previous bay. You only require 1 upright post, as the other post is shared with the previous bay. There is no limit to how many add-on bays can be used.

Available Sizes

We offer a wide range of heights and shelf depths.

  • Height – 1500mm, 1800mm & 2100mm are the overall post heights from the floor. Each post is fitted with adjustable feet to help level your unit on uneven floors.
  • Depth – All units suit a 450mm base shelf. This distance is taken from the front of the post to the front edge of the shelf. The upright post is an additional 70mm
  • Width/Length – We only stock 900mm wide. This is the measurement from left to right.

Loading Capacities

Its important to consider the weight capacities when purchasing and loading gondola shelving.

  • The maximum bay load is 240kg UDL per side (strictly, no higher than 2100mmH)
  • Shelf and wire basket capacity is 80kg UDL each
  • The shelves are fabricated with 0.8mm steel and the panels are fabricated with 1.0mm steel.


We offer a range accessories that will perfectly compliment your gondola shelving setup.

  • Wire shelf baskets & matching dividers
  • Wire front fences & shelf dividers
  • Chrome single prong hooks – ranging between 100-300mm in length
  • Chrome hooks with ticket holder – between 150-345mm long
  • Under unit drawers
  • Magazine holders
  • 790mm internal corner bays

If you require different to this please enquire call 9443 8701 or email sales@westoztools.com.au


  • Heights: 1500mm, 1800mm and 2100mmH
  • Base Depth: 450mm base shelf, plus 70mm upright post depth
  • Adjustable Shelf Depth: 450mm, 400mm & 350mm deep
  • Bay width: 900mm
  • Configuration: Single & Double Sided options available in first or add-on bays
  • Shelf load capacity in flat position parallel to floor: 80kg UDL/level
  • Bay Capacity when properly levelled: 240kg UDL/bay per side
  • Adjustable shelves: Note: 400mm Shelf is considered as a standard depth for raised shelves and all pricing online is based on a 400mmD raised shelf.
  • All raised shelves can be moved in 50mm increments, and there is a tilt option on the shelf which allows the shelf to tilt forward approximately 15deg. In this case mesh fronts are always required to prevent items from sliding off the shelf.
  • Engineer review of load capacities: Latest engineer review completed 13th April 2023
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Side & Height

Double Sided – 1500mm, Double Sided – 1800mm, Double Sided – 2100mm, Single Sided – 1500mm, Single Sided – 1800mm, Single Sided – 2100mm


Add-On Bay, First Bay

Raised Shelves

1 Raised Shelves, 2 Raised Shelves, 3 Raised Shelves, 4 Raised Shelves, No Raised Shelves