Industrial Pallet Jacks

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Used for loading and unloading goods in warehouse, docks and factories.
Westoz offers two types of pallet jacks – Standard and narrow.

Standard Pallet Jacks

  • For general loading applications within 2500kg capacity, the standard pallet jack will make a smart choice.
  • It will perform the loading tasks with efficiency and will last for a long time.
  • Westoz standard pallet jacks are designed and built with highest quality throughout the manufacturing process making them ready to take on the toughest jobs.
  • The forks lift 200mm, and the fork distance Inside/Outside is 365/685mm

Narrow Pallet Jacks

  • For loading tasks in tight areas, you will need a jack with the narrow footprint.
  • Westoz narrow pallet jacks are fantastic for this task with narrow pallet type yet holding the same lifting capacity and a lifting height as the standard pallet.
  • The forks lift 200mm, and the fork distance Inside/Outside is 230/550mm
Pallet type: Standard Narrow
Fork distance inside: 365mm 230mm
Fork distance outside: 685mm 550mm
Fork length: 1140mm
Lifting capacity: 2500kgs
Lifting height: 200mm to top of tine
Operation: Raise / Neutral / Lower lever
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