SafeStyle Lanyard

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Sick and tired of losing your sunglasses? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Safestyle Lanyards are made from a nylon mix creating a comfortable and elastic strap perfect for keeping your Safestyles where they should be.

Note: SafeStyle takes no responsibility for incorrect use of SafeStyle Lanyards.
SafeStyle Lanyards shall be only worn in a safe, hazard free area.
Please check with your Safety supervisor if Lanyards are allowed on your specific Jobsite.

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Made from an elastic nylon mix with a padded patch at the rear creating a flotation device for any lost pairs overboard.


  • Designed to comfortably keep your pair where they should be
  • Provides that extra precaution during the weekends on the water


  • Material: Elastic Nylon Mix