Sutton M12 T-Type Ratchet Tap Wrench – Suits M6 to M12 – M9031270

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  • Sutton Tools T-Type Ratchet Tap Wrenches are useful for holding Sutton Tools range of taps, reamers and other small tools to be turned by hand
  • The ‘Ratchet’-style tap wrench offers additional functionality with its adjustable handle and two-way ratchet action
  • The T-Type wrench is designed where confined spaces do not allow the use of a bar-type tap wrench


  • T-Bar for increased leverage and control
  • Neck designed to reach jobs inaccessible with bar pattern tap wrench
  • Ratchet mechanism offers additional functionality and precision
  • Knurled nut adjusts and tightens the jaws, securing the cutting tool
  • Made from Tool Steel, hardened for long life