SP 7500W Power Equip Digital Sine Wave Inverter Generator – SPGI7500E

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Ideal for all camping and leisure activities, compared to similar products, the SPGi4500E is a powerful super quiet inverter generator with the best power, size to weight ratio on the market. Built around the reliable Torini race tested 7Hp engine and intelligent power supply, it is well suited for recreational use with air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, coffee machines & entertainment appliances. The microprocessor controlled inverter produces a high precision, pure sine wave power output, perfect for laptops, computers, mobile phones & tablets making it ideal for back up power at home during power outages & storm emergencies.

Don’t risk your electronic devices on anything less.


  • Starting Power: 7500w
  • Max Watts: 7000w (Less than 20 min)
  • Rated Watts: 6500w (Continuous Duty)
  • AC output quality: ISO8528 G2 THD ≤ 1.5
  • Power Outlets: 2 x 15A / 1 x 32A
  • Power Output: 240v / 50Hz
  • Noise Level dB/LpA/LwA/K 4m (3/4 Load): 70/90
  • Operating Hours at Rated Output: 6.5 Hr
  • Tank Capacity: 25L (Unleaded)
  • Starting System: Electric, Pull & Blue Tooth APP
  • Net Weight: 130kg


  • Torini 4 stroke engine
  • Digital display metre (with overload indicator)
  • One Push electric start or Blue tooth APP start
  • Engine smart control (ESC) for better fuel economy and less noise
  • Compact unit with wheels and folding handle
  • CPU with 32 bit processor
  • High quality power supply suitable for: computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices
  • Low noise Inverter Generator
  • Twin USB outlets
  • Optional (Parallel connection capable)
  • Hi capacity Inverter power supply suitable for:  Inductive loads with a starting requirement up to 7500W eg. refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, electric motors, tools and similar equipment.
  • Dimensions: 950 x 765 x 773mm


  • Patented Torini engine with a large volume muffler to increase fuel efficiency and reduce noise.
  • Patented permanent magnet inverter generator with ESC (Engine Smart Control) which intelligently controls rpm to further reduce noise and fuel consumption
  • Patented 3 way cooling system to lower running temperature and extend engine life
  • Patented exhaust gas circulation system where exhaust gas passes through two cavities for double oil separation, thus decreasing oil consumption and extending engine life
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