Makita 40V 4.0Ah Li-ion XGT Max Cordless Brushless Blower Combo Kit – UB001GM101

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  • 1 x MAKITA 40V MAX XGT Brushless Blower Skin UB001GZ
  • 1 x MAKITA 40V Max XGT 4.0Ah Battery 191B26-6
  • 1 x MAKITA 40V Max XGT Single Port Rapid Charger DC40RA 191E09-4

MAKITA 40V MAX XGT Brushless Blower Skin UB001GZ

The 40V Max. Brushless Blower has been designed for powerful and efficient clean up and clearing, providing heavy duty power with 230km/h of max. air velocity. The cruise control function allows you to set and forget your desired speed whilst the added turbo mode provides the power for the toughest tasks.

The lightweight design at only 3.7kg with a 4.0Ah battery makes UB001G extremely comfortable to use for long periods. The telescopic nozzle moves up to 16m³/min of air volume and is adjustable in length perfect for both large and small jobs.

  • Cruise control function with boost mode
  • Powerful air speed up to 230km/h
  • Up to 16m³/min of max air volume
  • Lightweight design
  • IPX4 rated for increased resistance to water


  • Voltage: 40V Max
  • Max. Air Velocity: Turbo: 230km/h / Normal: 0-190km/h
  • Max. Air Volume: Turbo: 16m³/min / Normal: 0-13.8m³/min
  • No Load Speed: Turbo: 23,000rpm / Normal: 0-20,000rpm
  • Continuous runtime BL4050F: 15 min


  • Shoulder Belt
  • End Nozzle 80
  • Adapter Pipe 85 72 Set
  • Extension Nozzle Set
  • Flat Nozzle Set

MAKITA 40V Max XGT 4.0Ah Battery 191B26-6

The 40V Max 4.0Ah battery has been designed to be both tough and also highly intelligent. Digital communication not only between the battery and the charger, but also the tool and battery. This communication with the tool, relays tool specifications to optimise tool performance. The higher battery output is a genuine solution for heavy industrial users allowing for continuous high demand activity over extended periods of time.

Build to be highly durable the XGT batteries feature a heavy duty cell casing significantly improving the batteries impact resistance. Along with this casing the water resistance has been significantly increased with intricate 3 layer moisture protection shield protecting the cells from water ingress. Reliable tools are a must for all professional applications, and XGT is durable and built to perform.

  • Digital communication between the tool & battery for optimised performance
  • Heavy duty cell casing significantly improves the batteries impact resistance
  • Battery ventilation system maximises battery life
  • Short circuit prevention structure protects terminals from dust and moisture
  • 3-layer moisture protection shields cells from water ingress


  • Energy Capacity: 144Wh
  • Charge time: 45mins
  • Voltage: 40V Max

MAKITA 40V Max XGT Single Port Rapid Charger DC40RA 191E09-4

The 40V Max Single Port Rapid Charger provides fast charging for Makita high output 40V Max XGT batteries. The newly designed optimum charging system is able to achieve optimised fast charging by feeding real time battery data, such as battery condition and temperature with the charger. Dual cooling fans significantly reduce charging time as both the battery and charging circuit are cooled, allowing the charger to perform consecutive fast charges.

Ensuring users have are able to stay connected with the 18V LXT platform the DC40RA is compatible with the charging adaptor ADP10 (optional accessory). With this adaptor the DC40RA is able to rapid charge 18V LXT batteries up to 27% faster than 18V rapid charging models. Ensuring the battery spends more time working and less time sitting on the charger.

  • Rapid charging system communicates data between battery and charger for optimum charging
  • Equipped with dual cooling fans, cooling the battery & charging circuit for rapid charging
  • Compatible with ADP10 adaptor (optional accessory) for charging 18V LXT batteries
  • Large charging status indicator light & selectable full charge melody


  • Charge time:
    • 45mins (BL4040)
    • 28mins (BL4025)
    • 40mins (BL1860B using APD10)
  • Voltage: 40V Max
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