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Tigeraire Zephyr 2 Pro Air Accelerator™ & Light

$129.00 inc. GST

Heat robs you of energy and productivity. The Zephyr protects you by delivering all day comfort, even in the hottest and most humid environments. Tigeraire was “Born on the Bayou” so we know all about heat & humidity! Easily clipped almost anywhere on clothing or headwear, the Zephyr offers cooling airflow wherever you go. The Pro model’s 250 Lumen headlamp is perfect for working or playing in low light conditions.

The feather-light Zephyr clips onto the brim of a ballcap, the collar of a shirt or anywhere else cool air is needed – seriously, you won’t believe where people tell us they wear it (think of all the places you sweat, and you get the picture). Airflow created by the Zephyr even gets rid of sweat and bugs.

What makes the Zephyr 2 Pro design unique

  • Ultra-fast, whisper quiet 8500 rpm Air Accelerator® cooling fan
  • Powerful 250 Lumen LED headlamp
  • Over 8 hours of airflow on a single charge
  • Over 5 hours of hands-free illumination
  • Rechargeable LiPo battery
  • Lightweight, water-resistant design
  • USB charging cable

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